NextHome & CMG/NextMortgage Webinar

During this session, Keith Robinson is joined by Chris Harris of CMG Financial / NextMortgage to talk about some exclusive NextHomie discounts. As we all know, rates are at a historic low, and if you’re thinking about refinancing our friends at CMG are a fantastic option to save on costs. This special offer includes purchases and refinances and the ability to be used on multiple properties.

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Change Creates Opportunity

Join us for a flash webinar as Keith sits down the Corefact CEO Christopher Burnley to discuss the four phases of the pandemic, and how they apply to real estate marketing. We'll talk about some of the new ways Corefact can support you right now and in the future, and showcase a few new resources.

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Changes in Home Buying and Selling as States Reopen

As states begin to reopen, NextHome CEO James Dwiggins and CSO Keith Robinson break down the changes we can expect to see when it comes to home buying and home selling. - Should I sell now? - How do I sell my property without getting sick, without taking any risks? - Should I buy now? - How do I view properties without getting sick, without taking any risks? - Virtual listing presentations, virtual property showings, and so much more

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From the Field: Tips for a Successful Virtual Open House

Taking the virtual open house concept we shared a few weeks back, fellow NextHomies Britney Chaisson and Rick Riojas with NextHome Rocky Mountains Realty & Rentals have hosted a handful of virtual open houses and learned a few things along the way. They’ll be jumping on a FLASH webinar with us to share their insights from the field.

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NextHome: REAL Update 04.27.2020

Join our CSO Keith Robinson for our weekly NextHome Real Update as he's joined by Chris Harris, Vice President, National Joint Venture Manager of CMG Financial. The two covered the latest numbers and statistics in relation to COVID-19, and dove into liquidity issues facing the country as a whole, and real estate.

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Stimulus Plans, Drug Trials, and the New Normal

The House is set to pass a new stimulus plan, and we have the breakdown on what it means for you. Join James and Keith for another informative session, tailored for you and your clients, as we dive into the latest headlines. In addition to the stimulus plan and most up-to-date COVID-19 numbers, we’ll also talk about promising treatment plans and the new normal. How do we do business once the shelter-in-place is lifted?

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