The NextHome Podcast: Episode 20

During this episode, NextHome's CEO James Dwiggins sits down with the team at T3 Sixty for their weekly series, Fireside Fridays for Leaders. James shared insights into our company, the strategic growth of NextHome, and #WhatsNext for the franchise.

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Changes in Home Buying and Selling as States Reopen

As states begin to reopen, NextHome CEO James Dwiggins and CSO Keith Robinson break down the changes we can expect to see when it comes to home buying and home selling. - Should I sell now? - How do I sell my property without getting sick, without taking any risks? - Should I buy now? - How do I view properties without getting sick, without taking any risks? - Virtual listing presentations, virtual property showings, and so much more

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Stimulus Plans, Drug Trials, and the New Normal

The House is set to pass a new stimulus plan, and we have the breakdown on what it means for you. Join James and Keith for another informative session, tailored for you and your clients, as we dive into the latest headlines. In addition to the stimulus plan and most up-to-date COVID-19 numbers, we’ll also talk about promising treatment plans and the new normal. How do we do business once the shelter-in-place is lifted?

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 13

During this session, our CEO James Dwiggins and CSO Keith Robinson cover a lot of heady information but breaking down the Stimulus Package and how it relates to housing as well as Small Business Loans is no easy task! This is the time to communicate as an industry and help our fellow real estate professionals - feel free to share with anyone who might find value in this information.

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Home Values in the Midst of Recession

NextHome's CEO James Dwiggins and CSO Keith Robinson are breaking down one of the biggest concerns on Americans’ minds right now - what’s going to happen to home values? The real answer is “it’s too soon to tell” with real specificity. But there are some real learnings we can get from taking a closer look at past recessions and how home values were impacted then. The two will also share their (many) thoughts on how the pandemic-led economic situation we’re in will compare and contrast, and dive into why this isn’t like 2008.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 11

Continuing our conversation on COVID-19 and the impact this pandemic is and will continue to have on real estate, we dive into some of the specifics on how REALTORS® can stay informed and be a resource for their clients and their communities. We talk about virtual open houses, hosting informative webinars for your database, financial planning, and more. Tune in to hear James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson break it all down in an easy-to-digest format.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 10

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." (Einstein) And we are certainly learning to adapt to the new norm in the world of COVID-19. In part one of a conversation we're calling "Rolling with the Punches", NextHome CEO James Dwiggins and Chief Strategy Officer Keith Robinson sit down to discuss the latest headlines, how coronavirus has and will continue to impact how we do business in real estate, and some of the ways we can adapt in order to succeed long term.

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The Shape of Recovery: How We Bounce Back From the Virus

NextHome’s CSO Keith Robinson and CEO James Dwiggins host an informative session for real estate professionals as well as buyers and sellers. Topics covered include an update on the virus and its economic impact, mortgage forbearance, protections for multi-family property owners and their tenants, and a deep dive on the stimulus package and how it could help many Americans.

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