The NextHome Podcast: Episode 19

During this episode, we share a lively conversation between Keith Robinson and Imran Poladi on how to approach a tight inventory market and win. With supply not keeping up in many areas, the squeeze on housing inventory can be a real challenge for your buyers and your business. Keith and Imran break down creative solutions for how to deal with the problem, discussing everything from buyer psychology to creating your own inventory - and everything in between.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 18

Dr. Lawrence Yun is the National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Research. On this episode, he joins NextHome VP Imran Poladi for an exclusive interview. Dr. Yun shares insight into how this version of the recession is different from 2008, how NAR is addressing the lack of affordable housing, and what REALTORS® should be looking forward to in 2021 and beyond. BONUS: NextHome's Chief Strategy Officer Keith Robinson adds his commentary on Dr. Yun's interview.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 17

In this episode, Imran speaks with the 2020 National Association of REALTORS President, Vince Malta. They talk about Vince's leadership journey, the current state of NAR, how COVID-19 shifted the entire year's delivery of information to REALTORS, the prospects of affordable housing, and a special NAR President's version of #ParentCorner.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 16

In this episode, we talk with Anthony Armstrong from NextHome Premier Choice in Frisco, Texas. As a former NFL player, Anthony will share how real estate agents can connect and work with professional athletes for their real estate needs, his unique Instagram strategies, staying mentally and physically fit during these challenging times, plus a brand new #ParentCorner.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 15

Imran is joined by Shamika Jones, the 2019 recipient of the NextHome Courage Award. After losing her daughter Daijah at the young age of 14 years old, Shamika's story of resilience and love will warm your heart. A very special episode with a very special NextHomie.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 14

In this episode, we talk with 2019 NextHome Excellence Award Winner Amanda Mills. As the broker/owner of NextHome Family Tree Realty in Vacaville, CA, Amanda will share her journey through real estate, what led her to NextHome, and how passionately "Living Out Loud" has positively affected her life. Plus, a brand new #ParentCorner.

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