“Sarah Boley combined well-honed listening skills with business savvy to find a new, fulfilling career”

Realtor (noun) – a tenacious people person

Freeport, PA — Why would I add a career in real estate to my life as a salon owner? That’s easy: I love people. 

I have been a professional stylist since 1999. When you are behind the chair, people really open up to you. Over the years, I became an experienced listener. 

Then, in 2006, I stepped out from behind the chair full-time to open several Fantastic Sam’s franchises around southwest Pennsylvania. Being a small business owner is not for the faint of heart! But all my experiences have taught me that I can do hard things. Even after a global pandemic, I came out stronger. 

My 22 salon employees in our Sarver and New Kensington salons are so important to me, and listening to them has made me a leader that people want to work for. Our turnover is next to zero (which is incredibly rare in this industry) and I am so thankful for that. 

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Although the salons are still my business babies, I knew I needed another opportunity to help people. Because I wasn’t behind the chair anymore, I missed people. I missed interacting with them and helping them in that very personal way. That is why I decided to do real estate as well. It fit so well with my schedule, my kids, and my business. It was another opportunity to help people, and that is what my life is all about. 

In January 2019, I joined NextHome Dynamic. The way this brokerage worked, it really fit with the dialogue of my life. As a stylist, you almost feel like a therapist. The same is true in real estate. You learn a lot about people. Sometimes home buying or selling is an exciting transition, and sometimes it’s a very sad situation. I have to be there for them, no matter what. And I really try to. 

There have been days with the salons, and real estate deals, when there wasn’t an obvious way forward. But when that happens, I become relentless. I will find a way. I help people get to their goals by not quitting.

The NextHome business culture gave me the opportunity to combine two of my strengths: listening to people and my tenacity to find a way forward. Today, I get to do my part in helping people achieve their real estate dreams. And I get to do it with a company that puts humans over houses. I am excited to see what NextHome does as they continue to put people first and help the communities they are a part of. I hope I am part of NextHome for years to come!

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Heidi Powell

Heidi Powell is the Owner of NextHome Dynamic. She will guide you through the process with expert advice, and an upbeat attitude in this constantly changing market. 

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