“REALTOR/client relationship spans seven years as they search for the right home”

Playing the long game

NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS — I met Michele with NextHome Signature Realty more than 10 years ago while I was working for Bank of America. At that time, she was my client and we struck up a friendship. After learning what she did for a living, I asked her to come over and do an evaluation on the condo that my wife and I owned. We were wondering if we should sell, refinance, stay, or move. At the time, the housing market was still steadying itself after a rocky recession. 

On her advice, we decided to stay. 

Years passed, but Michele stayed in touch. She kept up with us and our family for more than seven years. 

She knew we wanted to find a house, but there was never a great opportunity. Prices just kept going up and up – and even with a budget of $400-$450,000 you couldn’t find anything in the neighborhood we wanted that was solid. Our condo was in one of the best, most desirable areas of Norwood. 

We didn’t want to move out of Norwood! Our family was here, the kids loved their schools, there is a great community, it is a quiet area and the perfect size. But when we looked for something bigger than a condo, the house would have been OK, but we would have needed to put in another $50,000 to remodel or fix up the place. 

Then one day in 2017, Michele sent us this listing in our neighborhood and we immediately jumped on it. We fell in love with the layout, the design, and all the features. It had a huge yard in the front, two floors up and down, and a two car garage. It was everything we had been wishing for!

Through Michele’s tenacity and expertise, we were able to stand out amid the five other offers on that house. 

But Michele’s work was just beginning. It had taken her almost seven years to find us this place, but it would be five more months of back and forth before we would close on it. The transaction was very complicated; it was a short sale and there was a divorce involved and there were just so many different people to communicate with. Michele navigated all of that, and we were so thankful. 

The other day my wife Elona and I set up a trampoline for the kids in the backyard. We have two girls and a boy living under our roof, ages 12, 7, and 2. There is a park just beyond our backyard with a playground, basketball courts, and a beautiful wooded area. 

When I walk into my home, that front entrance makes me feel wonderful. Through the foyer, there is this open space concept that the house provides and the whole layout is exactly what we wanted. 

Today, after my day is done, I get to come home to a beautiful house. We are so glad that Michele stuck with us through all the years. Our home was certainly worth the wait.

Michele Mullen

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Michele Mullen

Michele Mullen is the owner of NextHome Signature Realty. Michele’s knowledge, commitment, expertise, passion, and boundless energy are the cornerstone of her business.

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