“Kelly Langham was the single mom of four kids who dreamed of a better life for them, beyond their cramped apartment. ”

A Space for Kids, and Dogs, to Run and Play

MUNCIE, INDIANA — In early 2023, our living situation wasn’t great. 

I was a single mom of four kids, with two dogs, living in an apartment. There was nothing for my kids there – no yard, no playground, no space to move. My oldest son would say, “Mom, all I want is a yard where I can play with our dogs.”

I wanted a better life for my kids. 

When I was finally ready to become a homeowner, I reconnected with an old friend from school. 

Cortney Felton with NextHome Elite Real Estate and I had known each other for years, but more than that, people had many great things to say about her real estate skills. 

Cortney pointed me in the direction of great people to talk with about the lending process and getting pre-approved. She was so knowledgeable, and for the things she didn’t know, she always connected me with a great source.  

Once we started looking, it became clear that there wasn’t much available. Inventory in our county was extremely low. At any given time, there were only about 68 properties on the market. In addition to this low inventory, the market was still really hot. Within 24 hours of a home being listed, it would have multiple offers. 

We looked at as many houses as possible. I even expanded my search to include homes where I would have a significant commute. 

I wanted something better for my kids. 

At first, I was extremely discouraged. As a first-time homebuyer there’s this preconceived notion that you look at houses, find one, and put in an offer. 

Then, when nothing works out, it’s easy to get discouraged. 

With Cortney’s help, I learned that everything happens when it’s supposed to happen.

Cortney just kept telling me that the right house is going to come along. I just needed to learn patience. 

The more we talked, the more peace I felt. Being patient is hard, but that’s really what helped me through. 

I saw my perfect home pop up on Zillow one day. Immediately I thought, this has my garage, the backyard I want, a beautiful living room, and a big kitchen. It was everything that I was looking for. 

I immediately called Cortney and then left work. I needed to see this house in person immediately.  

As soon as I walked in, I knew this was it. It has a huge living room that my kids can run around and play in. They would finally have space. It had a privacy-fenced-in yard and an open kitchen. 

Coincidentally, while I was looking at the house the owner showed up. I got to talk to him and learn a little more. 

I put in an offer that night, and it was accepted that same night. 

I was the first one to see the house, the first one to put in an offer, and we closed within 30 days.

When the kids saw it, they were screaming and running around happily. 

We haven’t had a yard in so long. My youngest has never lived in a place with a yard. I am so glad we found this place. 

We get to look forward to making wonderful memories in this home. I can’t wait for Christmas when we will finally have enough space to set up a tree. I bought yard games, and my kids finally have a house that they can invite their friends over to. 

If I could tell people walking this same journey anything I would say be patient and find a real estate agent who is knowledgeable and patient as well.  

Cortney was extremely patient with me. I can’t sing Cortney’s praises enough.

My kids have a better life today. They get to play in the backyard with the dogs. 

Today, we are home. 

Cortney Felton

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Cortney Felton

Cortney Felton knows that buying and selling a home in today’s market can be stressful.  Her goal as a real estate professional is to make the process as stress-free and easy as possible by providing you exceptional service as she guides you through the process of selling or searching for your future home.

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