REALTOR® Safety Course

During this session, Keith Robinson, our CSO, and Charis Moreno, our VP of Sales, talk about some tips, tricks, and life hacks for successful distanced learning - some for the kiddos and some for the parents.

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From Passion Project to Non-profit

Our very own Rochelle Gamauf with NextHome Lake Country in Waukesha, WI has inspired us to host a flash webinar on how she started a non-profit organization to help her community during uncertain times. Watch the recording to learn how Rochelle turned her passion project to a non-profit

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Tech Talk Webinar – Getting More Listings with CloudCMA Live

For the July Tech Talk webinar, our Technology Committee is continuing to expand our knowledge on the tools that can elevate our business. We’re excited to introduce and learn how to use and implement Cloud CMA’s newest add-on feature - Cloud CMA Live. The interactive tool allows you to take your presentation to new heights with live real-time MLS data at your fingertips present virtually, change your comps on the fly, and feature videos and links in a modern way.

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NextHome & CMG/NextMortgage Webinar

During this session, Keith Robinson is joined by Chris Harris of CMG Financial / NextMortgage to talk about some exclusive NextHomie discounts. As we all know, rates are at a historic low, and if you’re thinking about refinancing our friends at CMG are a fantastic option to save on costs. This special offer includes purchases and refinances and the ability to be used on multiple properties.

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Tech Talk Webinar – Virtual Capture: Matterport for iPhone

For our June Tech Talk webinar, our Technology Committee is continuing to expand our knowledge on tools we use every day for our business to get the most out of their capabilities. Matterport is a tool many of us use, but did you know that they have an iPhone app that allows you to capture and share properties in stunning 3D by simply using an iPhone or iPad camera? Join our Technology Committee Chair, Edward Hasicka with NextHome Residential alongside special guest Dan Fellars from Matterport as they share the amazing features of the new app.

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Mastering Boost by HomeSpotter

Our digital advertising partners at HomeSpotter are joining us for an educational webinar on their Boost tool. During this session, we're joined by Evelyn Christianson to dive into the capabilities when using Boost. We learn how to create ads and landing pages on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, best practices for creating the most engaging ads, and how to create video ads to promote your listings.

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