The NextHome Podcast: Episode 15

Imran is joined by Shamika Jones, the 2019 recipient of the NextHome Courage Award. After losing her daughter Daijah at the young age of 14 years old, Shamika's story of resilience and love will warm your heart. A very special episode with a very special NextHomie.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 14

In this episode, we talk with 2019 NextHome Excellence Award Winner Amanda Mills. As the broker/owner of NextHome Family Tree Realty in Vacaville, CA, Amanda will share her journey through real estate, what led her to NextHome, and how passionately "Living Out Loud" has positively affected her life. Plus, a brand new #ParentCorner.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 13

During this session, our CEO James Dwiggins and CSO Keith Robinson cover a lot of heady information but breaking down the Stimulus Package and how it relates to housing as well as Small Business Loans is no easy task! This is the time to communicate as an industry and help our fellow real estate professionals - feel free to share with anyone who might find value in this information.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 12

Rob Hahn is one of the foremost real estate industry leaders and business consultants in the nation. His recent article titled "It’s Time to Think About Triage" sparked discussion from coast-to-coast. Imran interviews Rob and what he has seen from agents and brokers amidst the pandemic.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 11

Continuing our conversation on COVID-19 and the impact this pandemic is and will continue to have on real estate, we dive into some of the specifics on how REALTORS® can stay informed and be a resource for their clients and their communities. We talk about virtual open houses, hosting informative webinars for your database, financial planning, and more. Tune in to hear James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson break it all down in an easy-to-digest format.

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The NextHome Podcast: Episode 10

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." (Einstein) And we are certainly learning to adapt to the new norm in the world of COVID-19. In part one of a conversation we're calling "Rolling with the Punches", NextHome CEO James Dwiggins and Chief Strategy Officer Keith Robinson sit down to discuss the latest headlines, how coronavirus has and will continue to impact how we do business in real estate, and some of the ways we can adapt in order to succeed long term.

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